NFTs for the common good

Support charity by investing in NFTs made by famous artists. 

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Founded by literary agents and tech entrepreneurs.

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Charity Support

A portion of the auction proceeds will go to a charity of the creator’s choice.

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Net-Zero Carbon Footprint

Ensures an additional donation to offset the carbon footprint of NFT transactions. 

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Johnny Depp

NFT Poem

This poem by Johnny Depp is a unique piece of memorabilia digitally hand-signed by the artist and is limited to just 1 unique edition.

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About the Artist

Johnny Depp is an occasional thespian, actor, musician, and artist. His works include portraits of people who inspired him in his life, including Jack Kerouac and Marlon Brando, along with album cover art, for example for Divinidylle and Bliss.


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Support your favorite mission-driven artists

Beyond a mandatory 25% of revenues provided to an artist or authors charities of choice, ensures an additional donation to a climate conservation fund.


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William Gladstone

I represent many wonderful authors whose books have raised awareness of important global issues. I anticipate that the success of our Official NFT series’ will create opportunities for many authors and artists to help millions of people throughout the world.

Our Team

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William Gladstone


Gladstone is a bestselling author and hosts several public television series.

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Jon Fisher


Fisher is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, investor, author, speaker, philanthropist and inventor.

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Richard Smith


Rich is a product-design expert with 20 years of experience.

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Jordan French


French is an award-winning journalist and serial entrepreneur.

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Kerry Rice


Rice brings decades of experience in corporate finance.