ViciNFT Corporation designs, builds, and manages digital assets and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for enterprises and creators. The company's carbon-neutral works include a mandatory charity component, making "NFTs for the common good."

Our Team

Jon Fisher

Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO

Jon is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, investor, author, speaker, philanthropist and inventor.

Vit Kantor

Co-Founder & CTO

Vit is a software architect and entrepreneur with a specialty in secure distributed applications.

Richard Smith

Co-Founder & VP Product

Richard is an engineer and entrepreneur with a passion for building model products and services for customers.

Josh Davis

VP Engineering

Josh is a software developer with over 25 years experience in computer vision, database marketing, identity and access management.

Kerry Rice

VP Business Development

Kerry spent nearly 20 years on Wall Street as Managing Director, Equity Research, and 4 years as CFO for Healthcare Services Startup.

Austin Markus

VP Labs

Austin an engineer with more than 20 years experience and a love for building novel technologies and solutions.

Jordan French


Jordan is an award-winning journalist and the Executive Editor.

William Gladstone


Gladstone is a bestselling author and hosts several public television series.