ViciNFT Launches ViciCoin (VCNT) on Arbitrum

TIBURON, California, June 20, 2024

ViciNFT, a provider of turnkey blockchain solutions, today announced the launch of its digital utility token, ViciCoin (VCNT), on the Arbitrum (ARB) network, an Ethereum layer-two (L2) scaling solution. Arbitrum was designed to improve speed, increase scalability, and maximize cost efficiency on Ethereum.

“We are excited to see ViciCoin now on Arbitrum,” said Jon B. Fisher, ViciNFT’s co-founder and CEO. “Arbitrum’s L2 scaling solution takes ViciCoin to the next level.”

ViciCoin (VCNT) is an ERC-20 utility token on Arbitrum, Base, and Polygon blockchains. The ViciCoin token was created by ViciNFT to strictly manage access to digital content and enable a wide range of enterprise applications through authorization, authentication, and intermediary services.

For example, ViciCoin now facilitates ViciSwap (, a many-to-many token-swapping tool built on the Uniswap Protocol.  ViciSwap offers a dynamic and engaging solution for creating and managing one’s token portfolio.  Another application of ViciCoin in the enterprise is VCNT For Zoom, which provides a turnkey solution for small communities across the globe to monetize their video conferences by selling tokenized tickets and accepting cryptocurrencies as payment.  VCNT is also being used to gate access to Discord channels, which helps creators and brand owners authenticate their community to reduce bots and spam and increase monetization of their offerings.  As Web3 products and services become mainstream, so will the utility and serviceability of VCNT.

ViciCoin is now trading on the Arbitrum network on secondary exchanges under the token symbol “VCNT”:

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About ViciNFT

Incorporated in May 2021, ViciNFT Corporation designs, builds, and manages digital assets and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for enterprises and creators. The company's carbon-neutral works include a mandatory charity component, making "NFTs for the common good."

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