ViciNFT Launches ViciCoin (VCNT) on Base

TIBURON, California, November 2, 2023

ViciNFT, a provider of turnkey blockchain solutions, today announced the launch of its digital utility token, ViciCoin (VCNT), on the Base network, an Ethereum Layer 2 solution developed by cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. Coinbase developed Base in partnership with Optimism to provide a secure, cost-effective, and developer-friendly environment to build on-chain

“We are excited to announce the launch of our utility token ViciCoin on Base,” said Jon B. Fisher, ViciNFT’s co-founder and CEO. “We have seen an uptake in adoption of ViciCoin mirroring the increasing utility and expansion of use cases for VCNT. With our token on Base, VCNT is now even more accessible to the community at large.”

ViciCoin is a utility token used to access protected content, services, web applications, and live events, such as Zoom video conferencing. Together, NFTs and ViciCoin can be used to manage community resources in which NFTs authenticate wallets, and ViciCoin administers quality of service. Communities supplement their NFTs with ViciCoin as an additional payment method to raise the quality of service or unlock higher-value, premium services.

ViciCoin is now trading on the Base network on secondary exchanges under the token symbol “VCNT”:

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About ViciNFT

Incorporated in May 2021, ViciNFT Corporation designs, builds, and manages digital assets and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for enterprises and creators. The company's carbon-neutral works include a mandatory charity component, making "NFTs for the common good."

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