Charity Token

Vicinity: Community Charity Token

ViciNFT's collective of innovative creators and partners give back by donating funds to charity from each NFT sold, and the Vicinity Community Charity token helps determine where the funds are allocated.


Vicinity is earned by purchasing select NFTs, onboarding charities to the Vicinity community, and attending live events. ViciNFT may also airdrop Vicinity as a reward to the community for contributing to the common good.


The community can spend Vicinity on exclusive NFTs, trade, or save for access to special events. As the Vicinity community grows there will be new ways to spend the token.


When Vicinity is spent, the buyer decides which charity will receive the token. The more Vicinity owned by a charity the greater their stake in the charitable funds distribution. Charities can only own Vicinity for one year. After one year in the charity wallet, the Vicinity is burned.

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